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Hi there, thanks for checking out Rusty's!

Our company is a little team of barbers and colourists from Bath, UK. 

When it came to men's colour, we couldn't find anything that as professionals, we'd be proud to use and offer to our clients.

We wanted to create something for guys looking for more inspiration than the  packs of colour tucked away on the bottom shelf of the local pharmacy. 

So we decided to make it ourselves.

It really has taken over two years. We’ve looked at hundreds of samples, from factories all around the world, but early in 2020, working with an amazing team of leading professional colour chemists, we finally cracked it.

A modern men's hair dye, using cutting edge formulations, that are easy to use, look natural and deliverer consistent performance every time. 

It’s affordable, hassle free and gentle on your hair. With natural tones and depth of colour, that are easy to maintain. 

Better still we’ll deliver it straight to your door free of charge.

So you can look your best, feel great and not spend a fortune. ​

Rusty’s launched in October, and we hope you’ll give it a go. We’re a small company, with an even smaller budget, but with great belief in our product. 

Follow us on Instagram, where we’ll be adding demos, how to guides and other tips and tricks. 

And don’t hesitate to drop us a message if you’d like to know more. We’ll do our best to help out :)