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Some Before And After Examples Of Rusty's

Some Before And After Examples Of Rusty's

We wanted to help you decide if Rusty's was the right colour for you and to help you see some examples of the high quality performance of our colour in the hair.

So, we drafted in a few volunteers and put together the following demos:

05 Chestnut

This first set of photos is of our 05 Chestnut Colour. It's a Mid Brown hair colour that's warm, but without the red/brassy tones of some brown hair shades.

The following application was for 15 minutes to hair with a little grey throughout the whole head, especially on the sides.

There's a little grey left at the end, providing a natural looking finish with good variance of tone.

If you wanted to remove all the grey you could leave it to develop for a few minutes longer:

06 - Light Chestnut

In this next example our model was a little concerned about going too dark so asked us to apply a 06 Light Chestnut to his hair.

As can be seen in the before photo, the hair was already quite dark beforehand. The colour has gently blended out the grey for a subtle and balanced finished.

Again, here, the developing time was 15 minutes.

Before and After Of 05 Light Chestnut - Rustys

03 Dark Brown

This demonstration is of our 03 Dark Brown, left on for 15 minutes.

In our experience, the darker the colour is, the stronger the colour tends to be. In practice this means that in a similar timespan, the coverage will be more complete for these darker shades.

As can be seen here, the grey has been completely removed in a balanced way across all of the hair.

After Shot Of 03 Dark Brown