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Salon vs Home Hair Colour - Which To Choose?

Salon vs Home Hair Colour - Which To Choose?

Saturday morning with your barber, he’s chatting cheerfully as his clippers buzz and slide up your hair, but as the hair falls on your gown, the grey hair is there like a storm cloud, covering more scalp than you care to look at as you watch your new cut take shape.

You think of your girlfriend spending hours at her salon being highlighted and balayaged or whatever they do to make her look great, but looking cunningly around you, it becomes apparent that there never seems to be anyone having their hair coloured at the barbers. 


Hair Colour At The Barbers

This may be for a number or reasons.

Firstly, only a tiny proportion of barbers offer colouring as a service and so the options to try it are typically very limited. 

Secondly, most men would simply rather do the service at home. It’s more cost effective and easier to manage that way and there isn’t the complexity in men’s colour that there is in ladies. So, why would you pay the extra?

Finally, the applications required are much more regular. Typically guys will need to colour their hair every 4-6 weeks. Their hair is usually shorter and so the roots become visible much more quickly. This is exasperated by the fact that men will usually have their haircut every month or so, leading to the coloured hair being cut off, uncovering the underlying grey.

This grey hair is, thankfully, very easy to cover in your own home.

When a salon is best... 

Having your hair coloured at a salon is very relaxing, you are sat down, brought a beverage and snack and can chat or read while the colourist sorts out your colour. They will  have done a consultation about the colour you would like to achieve, and the best outcomes considering the condition of your hair. 

The passage of time while the colour does its work is not your concern, and when it is washed off, followed by  a gentle head massage and then blow dry, you are  sent out into the world with glossy, healthy looking hair. 

If you want highlights, bleached hair or balayage then a salon is definitely the best place to have the colour applied by a  professional. 

They can see the back and sides , as well as the front of your hair, and balance the colour accordingly. It is however an expensive process, especially when repeated monthly which is how regularly you are likely to be covering up those greys. 

Grey  hair however can be tackled quickly and mess free in your own bathroom, with little downtime, and inexpensively.


Barber Chair Rusty's

Is an all over salon colour any different to an at home box of colour?  

It depends largely on the type of colour you are using. 

Permanent colours are probably best left to the experts in the salon, because it can be difficult to blend the colour at home for an even result, when covering greys. Permanent colour is just that, permanent, and as it grows out you are left with a definite band of your natural colour at the roots, and the dyed growing out hair. 

Demi permanent colour fades as it grows out making it much easier and cheaper, to colour at home. It blends the greys with not grey hair easily. Creating a seamless colour that has no bands of obvious colour as it grows out. 

It’s ideal for covering and blending grey hair. You repeat the original colouring process monthly  and it will always come out fresh,glossy and natural looking. Just be sure to always do a patch test the day before you colour. 

Stick with the same brand time over, because different brands have different ingredients and that can be problematic and cause a patchy end result. 

Colour, shower  and go. Easy.