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How To Look After Coloured Hair

How To Look After Coloured Hair

Halting the Fade!

So you’re squeaky clean, straight out of the shower, and when you de-mist the mirror with your towel and peer closely at your head, it’s miraculous! Your grey hair has disappeared.

Applying your hair wax to your shiny new hair, you are over the moon with the result. You hadn’t expected it to look this good. 

But a sudden thought occurs to you:

How can you be sure that you don’t just wash your fresh new colour down the drain the next time you shampoo?! 


Man With Natural Black Hair Colour

Simple First Steps

Well here’s the thing:

Do not under any circumstances shampoo your hair in the first 72 hours after colouring. The cuticle of the hair opens when you colour, and lets the colour slide inside your hair shaft. It takes a couple of days for it to close afterwards. After which it’s safe to wash your hair. 

If you are desperate to get that clean feeling rinse your hair with cold water and massage your scalp. This will clean your scalp and won’t ruin your new colour. 

Use The Right Products

When you shampoo and condition (if you use conditioner), use products specially formulated for coloured hair. Many products contain salts, detergents and alcohol. 

Specially formulated colour ones are made without these ingredients, that’s why they are generally a little more expensive. Some colour shampoos will have a tiny amount of colour dye in them as well to make your colour last longer.


Wash hair colour with cold water

Protect the Cuticle

When you wash after applying the colour, don’t rinse your head with water that’s too hot. If you can bare it, a final blast with cold water will seal your colour in, keeping the cuticle closed and prevent your colour from fading. 

If you use heat to style your hair then use a heat protectant spray or cream. This provides a protective barrier that hydrates the hair for longer lasting colour. 

Heat can also hasten the fade of a colour on your hair. 

Sunlight and Colour

The heat and rays of the sun also fade hair very quickly, and the simplistic solution is to wear a hat. However, you can also buy hair also sprays with broad spectrum spf which does the job. 

Lastly, if you swim then cover your hair with a hat or use a conditioning spray before you take a dip. Mix water and conditioner in a spray bottle together and spray onto your hair before diving into the pool or sea. Easy!