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11 Things Men Should Know About Dying Their Hair

11 Things Men Should Know About Dying Their Hair

So you've taken plunge, decided to put your faith in Rusty's (great choice by the way!) and the kit has arrived through the door.

Before you get started, here are some great tips to help you get the best results.

#1 Switch to shampoo and conditioner designed for coloured hair

To keep your colour looking fresh for as long as possible it's important to always use a shampoo and conditioner specifically formulated for coloured hair. If you don't, the shampoo may dramatically increase the speed at which it fades.

Also, it's best not to shampoo your hair everyday. Cleaning your hair this often is not really necessary and will cause the colour to fade even more quickly.

#2 Protect your hair when swimming

Chlorine and copper, both of which are commonly in the water in swimming pools, can combine and begin to oxidise your hair.

This can cause it to go green!

Two tips to try and avoid this:

1) Wet your hair in the shower before going in the pool, as dry hair is more absorbent,

2) cover your hair with a shower cap while swimming to keep it protected.


Rustys Hair Dye Protection In The Pool

#3 Don't forget the patch test

Very few people are allergic to hair colour, but you'll never know until you complete the patch test. Make sure you don't forget and it'll help avoid any potential problems before they happen.

#4 Healthy hair will produce significantly better results

Dry, damaged and brittle hair will not take, or hold the colour as well as healthy hair.

The solution, try to get your hair in the best possible condition before you begin colouring to ensure optimum results.

Tips for healthier hair include avoiding heat tools (straighteners etc), trying not to over wash, staying away from cheap abrasive shampoos, keeping up regular cuts if you have longer hair, avoiding sun damage and staying away from styling products with longer lasting hold.

#5 Many things can speed up the fading of your colour

Fading is a problem with all hair dyes however, there are some factors that can be avoided to ensure the longest lasting results.

For guys, the key things to watch out for include using shampoos that aren't formulated for coloured hair, washing the hair too regularly, sun damage, rinsing the colour off in hot water and hard water in the home.

#6 Use your old towels and t-shirts while dying your hair

Sounds obvious, but hair colour will stain t-shirts and towels if it accidentally lands onto them and is unlikely to come back off again. Be prepared and have a towel you don't mind getting damaged, or a colour safe salon towel to hand before you get started.

#7 Don't give up if the colour isn't exactly what you wanted first time around.

Achieving the perfect results can involve a little bit of experimentation. At Rusty's we always advise to start with a shade slightly lighter than your natural hair colour and start with a processing time of 10 minutes. 

If after 10 minutes you still have too much grey, leave the colour on a little longer next time around.

If the colour is too dark or light, adjust the shade accordingly on the next application. 


Sunset Rusty's

#8 Make sure you prep the hair properly before colouring

In practice this means using a clarifying shampoo no less than 12 hours before applying the colour. This will strip all of the dirt and old hair product from the hair before you start, providing a great clean surface leading to a longer lasting result.

#9 Avoid washing your hair immediately after colouring

Make sure you wait at least 24 hours after colouring before shampooing again. This will help prolong and protect the shade by giving the hair adequate time to settle.

#10 Rinse the hair with lukewarm water after dying

Hot water can cause the hair cuticle to open up after the colour has been applied. This can lead to some of the newly applied shade to wash out. 

To prevent, keep the water temperature lukewarm when rinsing for optimum results.

#11 Protect your hair from the sun

As well as being bad for your scalp and damaging to your hair, UV is not ideal for dyed hair and will cause it to fade. It's an easy fix though with specially formulated products that provide UV protection when out in the sun.